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Galactica Actual

The private log of Admiral William Adama

William Adama
8 December 1944
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This is the journal of Admiral William Adama for the Theatrical Muse community. Battlestar Galactica and all related characters is property of Glen A. Larson and related persons. Please read Disclaimer for further information.

(Note: This muse has changed muns (writers). Anything posted after 2005/08/05 was written by the new mun, karihan.)

All theatrical_muse posts (marked (TM)) will contain content no stronger than R-rated. Adult material may or may not sneak into other threads; the mun will try to label them accordingly if it does. Posts marked Locked are read-at-your-own-risk.

I'd like to thank nnaylime for the GORGEOUS layout for Bill's journal, and all credit for the mood theme goes to twilight_mash!

I'll add more here later ... honest! ;)

Bill also was honored with Bronze Medals for Outstanding Male Hero and Outstanding Emotional Post, as well as a nomination for Outstanding Male Canon Muse in the Best of the Best Special Tammy Awards over at thetammyawards in March of 2008.